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Service with a…oh balls…

Raise your hand I’ve you’ve ever waited tables. I personally worked the dinner shift in countless restaurants from the age of sixteen until I was vaguely employed. Let’s face it people, it’s not brain surgery. And although waiting tables can … Continue reading

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Check please

For the past, oh, 15 years, I’ve made a list every Monday morning. In the top right hand corner I write the date. Below that, on the left, I draw a small box. And next to that I write the … Continue reading

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We don’t really do New Year’s Resolutions around here. I resolve to do it all eventually anyway. But this past year, I decided on a New Year’s Mantra. You see, I lead a relatively busy life. 3 kids, a couple … Continue reading

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There's a reason I want to be famous

There’s a reason I want to be famous Not so that I can get backstage passes to the Rolling Stones Or have tea with Jason Mraz Or have dinner in the same restaurant as Cindy Crawford And have her think, … Continue reading

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Everyone Is Doing It

Truly, they are. Everyone has a blog. All my friends. Their spouses. Their therapists. There are some blogs I follow, like Nie Nie, who nearly died in a small plane crash, Carol Decker, who lost her limbs giving birth and … Continue reading

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