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Planned failure

So, looking back at last week’s plan, I think that I planned some failure. Look, there was little chance that my kids were actually going to eat anything that resembled meatloaf, and I have to admit that I was a … Continue reading

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Climb onboard the OCD train…

Well, this weekend I went a little OCD on the meal planning. And along with that we’re trying to go really, really healthy too, which involved another costly trip to Whole Foods (during which, I might add, my Max cried … Continue reading

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Filled with love and orange.

How I’m learning to Love Like Liam. Continue reading

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It’s a stretch

So, I’ve got pretty stupid feet. They’re narrow, I have an injury in the ball of my left foot, I battle to wear heels, and after having 3 kids, my one foot (and I can never remember which!) is one … Continue reading

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Thanks for sharing.

I’m a sharer. I can’t help myself. I tell people how I’m feeling. How I think they’re feeling. How someone else is feeling. I like to let it all out. No holds barred. Sometimes, it gets me into trouble. I … Continue reading

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