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Panko Shmanko.

A sweet dinner recipe with panko coconut breaded chicken. Continue reading

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Boxed in

I’m addicted to fashion, shoe and beauty clubs! Continue reading

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Ducks In A Row.

Organizing my kids’ playroom. Continue reading

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Good morning sunshine.

I’ve never been a breakfast kind of girl. Sunday morning bacon and eggs at my fave breakfast joint, yes. But cornflakes and eggs and home, no. Until I became a Skinny Chick. I hate to say it, yes, because it’s … Continue reading

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Now here’s the kicker…

I always fantasize about wearing cute Converse sneakers, and everytime I see someone in a sweet worn in pair, I’mĀ envious. But with the several pairs I’ve bought over the past years, I’ve never really had any success. I guess I’m … Continue reading

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Flipped Out

Experiencing the worst of America while watching daytime TV. Continue reading

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Jewish mama street cred

You can’t really be a Jewish mama if you can’t cook. At least not a bona fide, in-dangerof-getting-flabby-arms-and-a-more-than-ample-bosom Jewish mama. And this week, I think I earned my street cred. It came in the form of Brisket. You see, I … Continue reading

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