Calling Mr. Grappelli

You might be realizing that my youngest guy Milan is a quirky little being. So, while we’re still big fans of Hippos (right now we have to call him Hilda after the book about the dancing hippo. Yes, Hilda), his latest big thing, is the violin. I started playing the violin when I was 4 (thanks mom, great idea for the kid with no wrist support, love ya!), and by the time I reached 13, had spent enough years scraping away that we all realized it’s just not my instrument. However, I’ve held on to my violin and pulled it out of the basement storage the other day after Milan begged and begged (read whined insistently). It’s really huge for him, and after a couple of days of being smacked in the knees by a large violin case, I hopped onto and found a really great, reasonably priced little 1/10th violin (1/10th of a full size violin), complete with case, bow, chin rest, spare strings, bridge and resin. All we need really.

For the first few days he complained that it made a “scraping noise” when he played, but he’s actually getting better, and takes his violin everywhere! Although I’m really against the idea of sending him for lessons, lest we repeat the same experience of my childhood, I think it’s a great idea to let him get comfortable playing and holding it and perhaps, just perhaps, falling in love with the violin. Move over Grappelli!


About baciamille

I'm Alexia, Alex, Lexi or Lex, depending on who you are. I'm mom to Mia, Maxim and Milan, wife to Darian, the co-creator and CEO known as Fancy Pants at Vuka Energy Drinks. I'm a marathon running, triathlete, musician and writer, wanna be rock star, all time actress, creative, vocal and sometimes just a little crahayzy. I think that's all. One day I plan to spend most of my time on a boat in the Carribean. Oh, and baciamille means a thousand kisses in Italian. I don’t know any other words in Italian.
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